Art Therapist PD and Peers

Sue Guzick has lead creating Professional Development (PD) projects and peer groups since 2014. If you’re a qualified or studying Art Therapist interested to engage with other professionals who hold shared passion and investment, these are some ways to take part.

Professional Art Therapy Peer Group

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Art Therapy Peer Group began grassroots in 2014. Today, a core group of qualified attendees welcome new art therapists and trainees to share their own professional and personal journeys. Insight is shared from diverse backgrounds, methodologies, and practice environments. We come together for professional growth, networking, and to refresh energies in a collaborative supportive environment. This group can be logged with ANZACATA toward your PD hours. 

Meetings are facilitated on subjects of which we hold passion and skill. This could be a trialing an art therapy process to generate critical discussion, knowledge sharing in a specific area, or articulating personal facilitation styles. Attendance to most sessions is encouraged to develop relationships and exchange support.

A Studio series will be facilitated, alternating with informational and experiential meetings, to explore artist / art therapist identities.

The Professional Art Therapy Peer Group has a series of sessions planned. Bookings are essential. Please get in touch for more information and how to RSVP.

Projects for Art Therapists

Sue Guzick has created projects relevant to our art therapy community. 'Art of Process' was a successful intervention in early 2018. Feedback was positive from participating artists / art therapists and form those who experienced the exhibition.  Sue and the coordination team hope to create more events in the future.

Art of Process

This intervention was an exhibition, opening event, and catalogue raising awareness of Art Therapy through the creative works and reflections of Arts Therapists. This exhibition brought to light the value of process, in early sketch stages or in finished objects. It resided at Space 2b, a social enterprise supporting newly arrived migrants refugees and people seeking asylum to become financially independent through creative enterprise, workplace training and business mentoring. 

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Art Therapist Mentoring

Sue Guzick offers art therapist mentoring based on your interests. Feel free to get in touch to find out more.