SKY Piece X
Yoko Ono, Acorn, 2014

The sky is not only above our heads.
It extends all the way down to earth.
Each time we raise our foot from the ground,
We are walking in the sky.
Walk around the city with that awareness.
Check how long you walked on the sky today.

What is Art Therapy?

Art Therapy works with psychological and physical wellness using creative process.

The meaning of Art Therapy is a personal experience. It can look and feel different for each of us, so it’s hard to give it one definition. Often the process is more important than a skilled artwork. It can include visual art making, art viewing, writing, body movement, expression, and discussion. These develop within a supportive relationship with an art therapist, working toward improved emotional and physical wellness. Work can happen individually, in a group, and in different places most fitting for you. Talking can occur, yet its not required. Art therapy can be beneficial when verbal discussion is not possible or less preferred. There is growing research and evidence showing benefits of art therapy in Australia and internationally.

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Why work with an Art Therapist?

These are some reasons why you might choose to an art therapist.

  • Art Therapists are trained to work with art and creative process in beneficial ways.

  • Art Therapy training includes both art making and therapy.

  • Your process is led by your goals, with the support of your therapist.

  • Often art therapists are artists themselves and offer understanding in this area.

  • Art Therapists with higher qualifications have experience with many ways of working, which provides options to meet your preferences.

  • NDIS funding can be accessed with an art therapist has professional membership in an Australian organization.

  • Art therapists with a profession membership are led by safe best practice.

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Why Art Therapy for me?

These are some reasons why you might be interested.

  • I’m not an artist. But I am interested in ways to be healthier and more fulfilled.

  • I'm creative. How can I expand this in healthy ways?

  • I’m an artist. How can I explore links between my creativity and wellness?

  • I need wellness support. Might work with an art therapy support me?

  • Someone has recommended art therapy for me. I would like to find out more.

  • I like trying new things or meeting friendly people. I would like to take part for my wellness.

How might Art Therapy look for me?

Bright Black Art Therapy can offer services in these ways.