Yoko Ono, Acorn, 2014

Fly in your dream.
Spread your wings.
See how clear the world really is.
See how you never miss a turn.
See how you never fall.
See how you can fly forever.

Try to remember the feeling
When you are awake.


individual art therapy services.JPG


  • In Community

  • In Consultation Setting

  • In the Art Studio

  • At home

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  • In Community

  • In Community Centre

  • In the Art Studio


Ways of Working (Methodology)

Based on consultation with you, there are many ways of working that can benefit you. The following can be addressed in Bright Black Art Therapy services.

  • Mindfulness

  • Sensory Preferences and Exploration

  • Social Connection / Inclusion

  • Trauma Informed

  • Anxiety

  • Person Centered

  • Daily Living Skills & Confidence

  • Art Material Preference (Expressive Therapies Continuum)

  • Expand your strengths

  • Memory

  • Mental Health wellness transitions & Coping Skills

  • Alcohol and Drug Coping Skills

  • Expand your safety and wellness circles

  • Identify blocks or challenges in your personal growth

  • Express & Communication Feelings

  • Motor skills & Body Movement

  • Relationships in your life: People, Places, Objects

  • Imagination & Creativity

  • Arts Mentor

  • Arts Skills


Please get in touch to discuss your interests and prices. Initial discussion is free of charge.

You can be self-funded. Fees are considered based on your situation. Student and concession rates are honoured.

You might be eligible for NDIS funding. Its best to get information directly from the NDIA. Contact NDIA and find out if you’re able to access the scheme. Bright Black Art Therapy can help support your NDIS application.