NDIS & Arts for Managers and Coordinators


Those you work with could have a history or current needs for arts, community engagement, daily living skills, and therapeutic supports. Art Therapy services can be offered in diverse ways, and when eligible can be included in their NDIS plan. Bright Black Art Therapy responds to a spectrum of participant goals. Contact Bright Black Art Therapy for an initial discussion free of charge.

What is Art Therapy?

Art Therapy is an allied health profession and works with psychological and physical wellness using creative process.

The therapist supports the participant to work toward his or her goals in informed safe environments. Often it is more about the experience than artistic skill. The process can include art making, art viewing, writing, body movement, expression, and communication. Work can happen individually or within a group. Community inclusion, physical aspects, and daily living skills can be included. 

Why NDIS and Art Therapy?

ANZACATA (Australian, New Zealand and Asian Creative Arts Therapy Association), formerly ANZATA, has explored this question:

“Both the NDIS and practitioners of arts therapy share common goals. … the main aim of the arts therapy profession is to improve and inform physical, mental and emotional well-being of clients. The NDIS is a scheme that also aims to improve the lives of people with disability by providing participants with similar opportunities to other members of the community.”
(ANZATA, 2018)

Arts Access Victoria, Victoria’s longstanding disability-led advocate, comments on the value of arts with those who experience disability. “Your NDIS planning meeting is where you will need to outline why art matters to you, and why NDIS support to participate in the arts is reasonable and necessary.” 
(Arts Access Victoria, What is the NDIS?, 2018)

Art Therapist NDIS Registration

Sue Guzick is a Registered NDIS Provider and can support participants who have scope in their plan. Sue can work with those who are Self-managed, Plan Management, a combination of these, or NDIA Managed. She also has experience in Disability and Mental Health Support, and directly works with participants implementing their NDIS plan.

NDIS Registration Groups

Registration groups that can be accessed with Bright Black Art Therapy are:

  • Therapeutic Supports (Capacity Building: Improved Daily Living)

  • Innovative Community Participation (Core Supports: Assistance to access community, social and recreational activities)More Information Links

More Information

The NDIS is new for all of us, and is being refined as it rolls out. Working together with the NDIA will provide better services in efficient and ethical ways. Get in touch with Bright Black Art Therapy on how services can be provided for your clients.